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Marianne Puechl, teacher/author/entrepreneur/creative “mom”
Easy DIY Learning Activities You Can Create for Your Growing Toddler!

As you know, even before their first birthday, children have already developed an incredibly diversified skill set, and their brains crave activities that will continue to help them grow and explore.

And it's easy to create home-based Learning Activities that will pique their curiosity and keep them engaged & learning!

I’ll show you how to put together and organize simple activities at home that expand playtime for your toddler to the next level. You’ll also learn unique ways to adapt household items that are motivational and exciting for your child, age 14 ms to four years. -These ideas are more than pulling pots and pans out of the cabinet to ‘make music’, but they'll be just as easy!

You'll facilitate your toddler's development of:

I invite you to watch the 'My Mindful Toddler' video series on Skillshare!


Let's Play!

Marianne Puechl, creator